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      The Soul Driver
      The Soul Driver thought that he escaped the cops, but he was definitely wrong. They are right behind him, trying to catch him and stop him escape. The Soul Driver is offering you tones of fun and many opportunities. Your job is to help him reach the Mexico frontier, racing and escaping the cops for 42 miles. Use the keyboard’s arrow keys to move your vehicle to all directions; press F key to accelerate; D key to brake; and Space Bar for boost of speed. H key is to use a useless, but fancy horn, while S key is for the wipers. Avoid obstacles and other dangers on the road, because when the Damage Bar (at the left lower corner) is full you lose and you’ll have to visit the garage and repair your vehicle with the cash you’ve collected. The Adrenaline Bar is also at the lower left corner and is indicating the adrenaline you’re getting through the adventure. When it’s full you can press Space for a strong acceleration. The Felony Bar is at the right lower corner of the screen and increases bit by bit. When it’s full you’ll get an additional police star, which means new police recourses are gonna try to stop you. The number of these stars is limited by the number of garage you’ve gone through. Go in the Garage and buy the coolest upgrade

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