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      TG Motocross 4
      In TG Motocross challenge, your goal is to be in control of the every move performed by your rider. And to be able to do that, you will have to use the arrow keys from the keyboard. To throttle, you need to use the up arrow key from the keyboard. To manage the racer’s degree of lean and rotation while in air, use the left and the right arrow keys from the keyboard. To be able to regulate your brakes, use the down arrow key from the keyboard. While airborne, you’re able to perform some tricks by using the keys A, S, D, F, Z, X, C. Another thing you should know related to the possibilities in this game is that to be able to climb some extra steep hills, you will need to press the up and the right key together and to get an extra speed, you can also press the left one.

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