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      Parking Spot
      Parking Spot is a typical parking game, one of the most classic parking games in terms of concept of game playing. The most typical concept for a parking game is to drive around with your car, going after the arrows that show where to go to reach the parking space where you need to park the car at the end. Then, it’s important to know that while driving to the parking place, you need to try to avoid colliding into other cars and damage your car with that. And this is what you need to do in this game to make your game successful! A typical but in same tame very well accepted game, it’s among the most popular parking games in the moment. To get to the subject of the controls aimed to play this game, let’s start by saying that to drive your car, you need to use the arrows from the keyboard. Also, the remaining control is their spacebar which needs to be pressed when you want to brake. Have fun!

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